Ella Housing Project | Sarana

Date: June 2012 – Feb 2013
Location: Ella, Aralugasinna, Uva Province, Sri Lanka
Goal: A collaborative project between ‘Friends for Life’ – a small Australian development NGO - and the community in Ella, Sri Lanka. Our goal was to build a new home for a local family, using local expertise. We hope this will be the first of many houses: our project is called ‘Sarana’ locally, meaning ‘help’.

Participants: from left to right
Uncle: Local social worker (now also Project Foreman)
Upasena Kolambahewage (Zion View): Local Project Manager
Dassanayaka family
Alan Murphy: Friends for Life Project coordinator

Description: This photo was taken in front of Mr Dassanayake and Mrs Apparacke's previous three room home. Our aim was to replace this broken-down dwelling with another that included a living room with an outdoor veranda area, two bedrooms, a small kitchen as well as a new outside toilet. Also included is running water, sewerage, properly sealed windows and door frames, and electricity.

This project is a community effort. The local social worker helped find a family who needed some housing assistance. The local project manager was able to organise an architect to provide a suitable house plan and advice. Mr Dassanayake collected a large number of rocks that could be used for the buildings foundation. The family collected timber that was used for the roofing. Mr Dassanayake also agreed to help by providing his own labour.

Project Cost: $5,200
Timeframe: 6 months from July 2012

So we started with this....

And after much hard work which involved carrying all the materials by hand down into a steep valley...with the help of friends...

And after months of hard labour...

We could see the house beginning to take shape...

Until, after so much hard work...the family had a new home.

This project is only possible through the help of generous donors. If you would like to make a donation towards the building of our next house, please talk to Sena (Upasena Kolambahewage) at Zion View Guesthouse